Hello, I'm Tino

I am Tino Rusch, software architect from Magdeburg, Germany. Mainly I'm focused on backend developing, doing my best to make the Internet of Things happen. Besides being a developer I'm a loving dad and husband.

My favorite language is go and nearly all my current projects are written in that language. When not coding go, C and C++ are my best weapons when it comes to interfacing low-level stuff.

This Page

To be honest, this page only exists to give me some webspace to host my public gpg and ssh keys and some of my ACI's. And it is a nice way to represent myself on the internet. Much cooler than a facebook account, isn't it?

I will update this page from time to time, but please don't expect this to happen often.

Recent Projects


JamesD is a packet manager for heterougenous device fleets. It doesn't assume anything about your packets, and lets you manage specs which tells what software should be installed on what devices.

checkout on github


JWTD is a service responsible for authenticating users. It provides cryptographically signed JSON Web Tokens based on a role based access control system. These tokens can then be validated using jwtd-proxy, providing the possibility to secure arbitary http based services.

checkout on github


PKID A service for managing public key infrastructures via a REST-full interface.

checkout on github


Horst is a stream mining framework. It works by providing json file which specifies a pipeline of processors. These processors are then downloaded and a use-case specific go-executable will be build. The repo contains a working "Trending on Twitter" example to get you started.

checkout on github